xray.concat(objs, dim='concat_dim', indexers=None, mode='different', concat_over=None, compat='equals')

Concatenate xray objects along a new or existing dimension.


objs : sequence of Dataset and DataArray objects

xray objects to concatenate together. Each object is expected to consist of variables and coordinates with matching shapes except for along the concatenated dimension.

dim : str or DataArray or Index, optional

Name of the dimension to concatenate along. This can either be a new dimension name, in which case it is added along axis=0, or an existing dimension name, in which case the location of the dimension is unchanged. If dimension is provided as a DataArray or Index, its name is used as the dimension to concatenate along and the values are added as a coordinate.

indexers : None or iterable of indexers, optional

Iterable of indexers of the same length as datasets which specifies how to assign variables from each dataset along the given dimension. If not supplied, indexers is inferred from the length of each variable along the dimension, and the variables are stacked in the given order.

mode : {‘minimal’, ‘different’, ‘all’}, optional

Decides which variables are concatenated. Choices are ‘minimal’ in which only variables in which dimension already appears are included, ‘different’ in which all variables which are not equal (ignoring attributes) across all datasets are concatenated (as well as all for which dimension already appears), and ‘all’ for which all variables are concatenated.

concat_over : None or str or iterable of str, optional

Names of additional variables to concatenate, in which the provided parameter dim does not already appear as a dimension. The default value includes all data variables.

compat : {‘equals’, ‘identical’}, optional

String indicating how to compare non-concatenated variables and dataset global attributes for potential conflicts. ‘equals’ means that all variable values and dimensions must be the same; ‘identical’ means that variable attributes and global attributes must also be equal.


concatenated : type of objs

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