xray.decode_cf(obj, concat_characters=True, mask_and_scale=True, decode_times=True, decode_coords=True)

Decode the given Dataset or Datastore according to CF conventions into a new Dataset.


obj : Dataset or DataStore

Object to decode.

concat_characters : bool, optional

Should character arrays be concatenated to strings, for example: [‘h’, ‘e’, ‘l’, ‘l’, ‘o’] -> ‘hello’

mask_and_scale: bool, optional

Lazily scale (using scale_factor and add_offset) and mask (using _FillValue).

decode_times : bool, optional

Decode cf times (e.g., integers since ‘hours since 2000-01-01’) to np.datetime64.

decode_coords : bool, optional

Use the ‘coordinates’ attribute on variable (or the dataset itself) to identify coordinates.


decoded : Dataset