Dataset.coarsen(dim=None, boundary='exact', side='left', coord_func='mean', **window_kwargs)[source]#

Coarsen object for Datasets.

  • dim (mapping of hashable to int, optional) – Mapping from the dimension name to the window size.

  • boundary ({"exact", "trim", "pad"}, default: "exact") – If ‘exact’, a ValueError will be raised if dimension size is not a multiple of the window size. If ‘trim’, the excess entries are dropped. If ‘pad’, NA will be padded.

  • side ({"left", "right"} or mapping of str to {"left", "right"}, default: "left")

  • coord_func (str or mapping of hashable to str, default: "mean") – function (name) that is applied to the coordinates, or a mapping from coordinate name to function (name).



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