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xarray.testing.assert_allclose(a, b, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08, decode_bytes=True, check_dim_order=True)[source]#

Like numpy.testing.assert_allclose(), but for xarray objects.

Raises an AssertionError if two objects are not equal up to desired tolerance.

  • a (xarray.Dataset, xarray.DataArray or xarray.Variable) – The first object to compare.

  • b (xarray.Dataset, xarray.DataArray or xarray.Variable) – The second object to compare.

  • rtol (float, optional) – Relative tolerance.

  • atol (float, optional) – Absolute tolerance.

  • decode_bytes (bool, optional) – Whether byte dtypes should be decoded to strings as UTF-8 or not. This is useful for testing serialization methods on Python 3 that return saved strings as bytes.

  • check_dim_order (bool, optional, default is True) – Whether dimensions must be in the same order.