StringAccessor.rpartition(dim, sep=' ')[source]#

Split the strings in the DataArray at the last occurrence of separator sep.

This method splits the string at the last occurrence of sep, and returns 3 elements containing the part before the separator, the separator itself, and the part after the separator. If the separator is not found, return 3 elements containing two empty strings, followed by the string itself.

If sep is array-like, it is broadcast against the array and applied elementwise.

  • dim (hashable or None) – Name for the dimension to place the 3 elements in. If None, place the results as list elements in an object DataArray.

  • sep (str or bytes or array-like, default: " ") – String to split on. If array-like, it is broadcast.


rpartitioned (same type as values or object array)

See also

DataArray.str.partition, str.rpartition, pandas.Series.str.rpartition