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DataArray.plot.line(*args, row=None, col=None, figsize=None, aspect=None, size=None, ax=None, hue=None, x=None, y=None, xincrease=None, yincrease=None, xscale=None, yscale=None, xticks=None, yticks=None, xlim=None, ylim=None, add_legend=True, _labels=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Line plot of DataArray values.

Wraps matplotlib.pyplot.plot().

  • darray (DataArray) – Either 1D or 2D. If 2D, one of hue, x or y must be provided.

  • row (Hashable, optional) – If passed, make row faceted plots on this dimension name.

  • col (Hashable, optional) – If passed, make column faceted plots on this dimension name.

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – A tuple (width, height) of the figure in inches. Mutually exclusive with size and ax.

  • aspect ("auto", "equal", scalar or None, optional) – Aspect ratio of plot, so that aspect * size gives the width in inches. Only used if a size is provided.

  • size (scalar, optional) – If provided, create a new figure for the plot with the given size: height (in inches) of each plot. See also: aspect.

  • ax (matplotlib axes object, optional) – Axes on which to plot. By default, the current is used. Mutually exclusive with size and figsize.

  • hue (Hashable, optional) – Dimension or coordinate for which you want multiple lines plotted. If plotting against a 2D coordinate, hue must be a dimension.

  • x, y (Hashable, optional) – Dimension, coordinate or multi-index level for x, y axis. Only one of these may be specified. The other will be used for values from the DataArray on which this plot method is called.

  • xincrease (bool or None, optional) – Should the values on the x axis be increasing from left to right? if None, use the default for the Matplotlib function.

  • yincrease (bool or None, optional) – Should the values on the y axis be increasing from top to bottom? if None, use the default for the Matplotlib function.

  • xscale, yscale ({'linear', 'symlog', 'log', 'logit'}, optional) – Specifies scaling for the x- and y-axis, respectively.

  • xticks, yticks (array-like, optional) – Specify tick locations for x- and y-axis.

  • xlim, ylim (tuple[float, float], optional) – Specify x- and y-axis limits.

  • add_legend (bool, default: True) – Add legend with y axis coordinates (2D inputs only).

  • *args, **kwargs (optional) – Additional arguments to matplotlib.pyplot.plot().


primitive (list of Line3D or FacetGrid) – When either col or row is given, returns a FacetGrid, otherwise a list of matplotlib Line3D objects.