CFTimeIndex.take(indices, axis=0, allow_fill=True, fill_value=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Return a new Index of the values selected by the indices.

For internal compatibility with numpy arrays.

  • indices (array-like) – Indices to be taken.

  • axis (int, optional) – The axis over which to select values, always 0.

  • allow_fill (bool, default True)

  • fill_value (scalar, default None) – If allow_fill=True and fill_value is not None, indices specified by -1 are regarded as NA. If Index doesn’t hold NA, raise ValueError.


Index – An index formed of elements at the given indices. Will be the same type as self, except for RangeIndex.

See also


Return an array formed from the elements of a at the given indices.


>>> idx = pd.Index(['a', 'b', 'c'])
>>> idx.take([2, 2, 1, 2])
Index(['c', 'c', 'b', 'c'], dtype='object')